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It’s (Special) Holiday! Let’s Party!
08 April 2022
(From top to bottom) NASA’s Engineer Billy, 10botics’ Founder Jonathan and SEED’s Student Experience Design Lead Oliver chit-chatting over a space simulating game.
(From top to bottom) SEED’s Student Experience Design Lead Oliver asking AliCloud’s Cloud Architect Jeremy Pedersen on his pathway from a US college Computer Science graduate to a cloud expert in China.

When the Hong Kong students were having a special holiday amid the fifth wave of COVID, we had an idea that why not making good use of the time to get to know two engineers of very different nature and have some fun?

Around 80 students join the first-ever SEED Live Party online, hosted by our Experience Design team lead Oliver Chan. In the first part of the party, Billy Hau, a NASA engineer (who is based in the US but was having a (real) holiday in Hong Kong then), and Jonathan Tse, founder of 10botics, chit-chatted about Billy’s path to NASA and his daily life in the world’s leading aerospace agency. Then they together built a virtual rocket over a fun rocket simulation game Kerbal Space Program, where students had great fun and even suggested different proposals to make a better design to the rocket with their amazing Physics knowledge, and with joint effect successfully launched little Bill the astronaut (an avatar in the game) into Space and went around Earth, and safely (sort of) returned home (he had to do some swimming though).

In the second half of the party, Oliver was joined by Jeremy Pedersen, an AliCloud cloud architect based in Hangzhou, and talked about how the US Computer Science graduate ended up in China helping companies to use cloud technology. Through their exchange, Jeremy gave valuable advice to the students what to be mindful of if they are considering picking up programming languages.

We hope the students have picked up something from the two engineers. We are grateful for the great enthusiasm from the participants. SEED is planning to make this Live Party into a series, do let us know what kind of industry experts you would like to meet with!

Watch the replay: https://youtu.be/GpuTp8Btjvg