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Workplace Experience: Pre-work Business Etiquette Workshop
26 June 2022

Do you remember the first ever job in your life? For most people, it could be a huge paradigm shift from being a student to being an employee, and we all would appreciate a little assistance along the transition to help ease the anxiety and perhaps even avoid some regrettable moments.

In order to prepare our students for their internship, we have engaged a career coach Ms. Dora Leung to tailor a secondary school students-facing 3-day workshop which introduced them various essential skills for workplace. From self-introduction to answering interview questions, from verbal greetings to business attire, Dora covered a wide range of topics that prepare the students every aspects they have to consider before their first day of work. Most importantly, the students got to think about what work really means to them, what kind of first impression they want to leave to their employers and coworkers, and how to communicate and work with total strangers with confidence and respect.

We are also grateful to receive support from a few volunteers, who are experienced in conducting job interview, to have 1-on-1 mock interview sessions with the students. It was a great opportunity for the students to put what they have learned from the workshop into practice, and received constructive feedback on how they should fine-tune it from professional experts.

To watch the highlight of the workshop, please visit our LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3AlmDar